La Pantera – Identity Design

Food trucks. Barbecue. Tacos. Got your attention yet? Great. Now meet La Pantera, Tacos Y Mas, one of the most palatable clients to work with, out of Fort Worth, TX. You’ve probably heard of the barbecue masters behind Panther City BBQ from one of the many write-ups from Texas Monthly. These are the same guys, utilizing their craft to whip up badass BBQ tacos, which have also been noticed by Texas Monthly. When La Pantera asked us to create a new identity and branding system for their new venture, we wanted to create something slightly edgy but refined, reflecting the tone of the Fort Worth.


La Pantera Tacos Y Mas


Art Direction
Graphic Design

Fun fact: La Pantera, spanish for the panther, is a nod to Fort Worth’s nickname, Panther City.

Fun fact: My philosophy on barbecue is surprisingly simple: anytime, anywhere.