Dallas Mavs – Mavs.com Redesign

When we started brainstorming for the redesign of the Dallas Mavericks website, we knew we wanted to bring the focus back to the love of the game, the team and culture. We brought the players to the top of the hierarchy, putting them front and center on the homepage. Mirroring the diversity that the city of Dallas offers, the art direction of the site is based on a grungy, yet sleek look. Think Deep Ellum meets Victory Park. Welcome to the new Mavs.com

Check out the live site here.


Dallas Mavericks


Art Direction
Graphic Design

Fun fact: The Dallas Mavs are the only team in the NBA to have a stand-alone website, outside of the main NBA.com website. Perks of having the influence of Mark Cuban on your side.

Watch the process: check out a design time-lapse for the general art direction of the website.