Cicis Pizza – All Ways Unlimited Campaign Graphics

You already know that Cicis Pizza is all you can eat. But that’s just the start. The big idea behind the Cicis All Ways Unlimited campaign is to show that UNLIMITED is really a mindset, a feeling of empowerment to indulge and experience all that Cicis has to offer. Real people, real pizza, real good times.

In the age of Tik-Tok, Snapchat and now Instagram Reels, unpolished and border-line “ugly” content resonates highly with users, as it conveys authenticity. Studies have shown that there is little to no connection between production value and viewer engagement. Don’t believe me? Listen to what Cannes Lions speaker, Tim Leake, has to say about the topic.

Cicis tasked us with creating social media content to go along with their All Ways Unlimited campaign, utilizing user-generated content and hand-drawn GIF’s, created by our team.


Art Direction

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