American Airlines – Main Cabin Food and Entertainment Menu

It’s on every flight. On every plane. Behind every seat. You’ve probably read through it 14 times on your flight, just to distract you from the fact that you left your AirPods charging on the kitchen counter, 500 miles away.

After designing the main cabin menu back in 2018, American Airlines asked our team again to redesign the menu, after partnering with Zoës Kitchen and Apple Music. Previously, food and entertainment were on separate brochures, so in this design, we consolidated all three into one nice, easy to read accordian-style brochure.


American Airlines


Art Direction
Graphic Design

The new design was also translated to fit  into the informational section of the American’s in-flight magazine, American Way, updated monthly.

Bonus Content:  Prior to 2020, the main cabin menu included only food items. I was tasked with designing and maintaining this on a monthly basis.